Creators and Keepers S1 E5

Artist Mike Han in his Detroit studio (2022)

In this episode we interview Detroit painter, muralist, chef, and all-around creative force Mike Han. CultureVerse worked with Han in 2021 and 2022 to develop “The House of Han from A to D”, a virtual and physical gallery experience embodying Han’s artistic vision through the fusion of his paintings, 3D immersive environments, NFTs, VR, AR and more. This deep and insightful conversation with a rising star in the art world is a must-listen, especially for anyone exploring what it means to be an artist, developing a personal vision, or facing the challenges of creating something new and meaningful.

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Creators & Keepers — S1, E4

In this episode, we interview award winning 3D Artist and CultureVerse Technical Creative Director Joe Grabowski. The nascent field of 3D art produces content that is enjoyed by millions of gamers and movie-goers every day, but not many people realize what goes into it or how one becomes a 3D Artist. We talk with Joe about all this and more, along with a glimpse into a recent cutting edge art and technology project he worked on.

Joe Grabowski — Award winning 3D Artist, Creative Director at CultureVerse, Technical Director at Saganworks

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Creators and Keepers is an episodic interview series by CultureVerse, a Michigan-based charity that uses 3D scanning and immersive technologies to support artists, educators, and preservationists.





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